Hardware Repair Services in Mumbai Metropoliton Area

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WWe offer a full range of repairs on Apple and personal computers. We repair laptops (notebooks, macbooks, netbooks etc) and desktops (including Macs). We serve Lexington KY and surrounding areas.

Our common hardware repairs include:

  • Laptop LCD screen repair and replacement
  • Laptop LCD back-light replacement and LCD inverter replacement
  • Hard drive diagnostics, upgrades, backups, and replacements
  • Laptop keyboard repair and replacement
  • Laptop DC jack repair (power plug repair), USB port repair and replacement, trackpad replacement, and similar repairs
  • Laptop battery replacement and upgrades
  • Replacement of cracked and broken pieces on laptops
  • RAM (Memory) upgrades and diagnostics
  • Add-in computer card upgrades
  • Computer optical (CD and DVD) drive repair and replacement
  • Power supply diagnostics, upgrades, and replacements
  • Computer fan replacement
  • Computer dusting and cleaning
  • And much more computer magic
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